Oct 292011

Yesterdays event at Roding Valley high school could not have been any better. We needed good weather and we got it, we needed lots of support and we got it. It has to be said that all the kids that attended the event laid on by the council could not have behaved better, well done all of you.

Throughout the day there was a steady stream of kids coming and going along with many parents as well, all enjoying the ramps that had been provided for them to show off their skills and abilities. Some kids were riding and skating from the time the event opened until it shut.  It all goes to highlight that there is a definite need for a permanent facility that can be used all year round for these sports in Loughton. Achieving this is the aim of this group.

As one of the committee members for skate Loughton, and I think I can speak for the rest of the committee and adults that have been involved in this so far that we are all proud of how the group has come together and gelled into a decent well behaved bunch. This could not highlight in any better way the fact that you all want and deserve this facility and that you are prepared to show our town that you can all come together to achieve your goals.

We really need any person on any committee or in a position to help our group to get this project sooner rather than later to get behind us and do what you can to help. 

We also thank the council for laying on this event, it was really appreciated by all the kids that attended.

We also thank the Epping Forest Guardian for their support in announcing the event and promoting the aims of this group. Click here to read more