David Knowles

David Knowles

Dec 082011

Meeting today at 7pm


Skate Loughton 08/12/11

Time of Meeting 7 till 8pm

1: Oakwood Hill Pump Track
– Discussion about current situation
– Decide what action to take

2: Vote to become a subsidiary of Loughton Youth Project and ratify the constitution.

3: Funding Application for a grant from the town council

4: Joint Olympic Legacy funding bid application between Loughton town Council and Skate Loughton

6: Skate/BMX/Skateboarders Event in Spring what do we want?

5: Spring Fund Raising Events
– Quiz night at Murray Hall
– Other Fundraising Ideas

Aug 172011

Elected Skate Loughton Task Group held their first meeting.


Having elected the first six committee members at the last Skate Loughton open forum meeting the small group met today to progress the action of the group.

The first task set was for the relevant committee members to set up the group bank accounts. This has been done and we are now ready to receive donations towards this important project

The committee has continued with its preparations for the launch of skate Loughton at Roding Valley High school during the October half term

Members of the committee also gave a presentation to Loughton Town Council members on September 22 about the plans of the group. There were adult and youth representatives present and it was a very successful meeting. It was also interesting to see just how our town council works and how they deal with these issues.

The Loughton Town Councillors who were present at the meeting we attended have recognised the frustrations of the group in obtaining  park location and have indicated a willingness to support Skate Loughton  with its goal of obtaining a comprehensive and usable skate park that will also be able to be used by bikes and scooters.

Remember we can only do this with your support