Mar 032015

Seeing as as last piece of News was a while ago, staying on topic, well, picking up where we left off…
Our friends over at Get Me Fixed sent us a link to their latest skate helmets currently on offer for £19.99 available in black or white. Hurry whilst stock lasts.

With a cool matt finish in Black or White you’ll look the part whether you’re riding the half-pipe, out dirt jumping, ripping up the trails or riding to school. Great for all kinds of extreme activities like Skating, Skateboarding, Scooters, etc etc etc… I’m sure you get the picture!

Features Includes:

  • Classic design
  • 11 cooling vents
  • Great for BMX or Skate, and many other extreme sports
  • Slim adjustable strap
  • Stealth Matt Finish
  • Matt Black or Matt White
  • Hard plastic ABS outer shell with EPS foam liner provides EN approved safety levels. 
  • EN 1078 Approved, with a weight of 390 grams

Go to their website here

Apr 232012

Following an accident that my son Jack had just over a week or so ago, I would like to remind you all of the importance of wearing crash helmets.

Jack received amongst other injuries a TBI (traumatic brain injury) which will take him some months to recover from. This could have been avoided by the use of a crash helmet. I know most of you have them but very few wear them when out and about with your friends.  These helmets are there for a reason.

Kit has told me that there might be an opportunity to get some decent helmets at a really good price for our Skate Loughton members. We will keep you up to date with that and let you all know as and when they are available.


Please think twice all of you before you go out on your bikes, scooters and boards. Remember that your helmet could save your life


Dec 082011

Meeting today at 7pm


Skate Loughton 08/12/11

Time of Meeting 7 till 8pm

1: Oakwood Hill Pump Track
– Discussion about current situation
– Decide what action to take

2: Vote to become a subsidiary of Loughton Youth Project and ratify the constitution.

3: Funding Application for a grant from the town council

4: Joint Olympic Legacy funding bid application between Loughton town Council and Skate Loughton

6: Skate/BMX/Skateboarders Event in Spring what do we want?

5: Spring Fund Raising Events
– Quiz night at Murray Hall
– Other Fundraising Ideas

Oct 292011

Yesterdays event at Roding Valley high school could not have been any better. We needed good weather and we got it, we needed lots of support and we got it. It has to be said that all the kids that attended the event laid on by the council could not have behaved better, well done all of you.

Throughout the day there was a steady stream of kids coming and going along with many parents as well, all enjoying the ramps that had been provided for them to show off their skills and abilities. Some kids were riding and skating from the time the event opened until it shut.  It all goes to highlight that there is a definite need for a permanent facility that can be used all year round for these sports in Loughton. Achieving this is the aim of this group.

As one of the committee members for skate Loughton, and I think I can speak for the rest of the committee and adults that have been involved in this so far that we are all proud of how the group has come together and gelled into a decent well behaved bunch. This could not highlight in any better way the fact that you all want and deserve this facility and that you are prepared to show our town that you can all come together to achieve your goals.

We really need any person on any committee or in a position to help our group to get this project sooner rather than later to get behind us and do what you can to help. 

We also thank the council for laying on this event, it was really appreciated by all the kids that attended.

We also thank the Epping Forest Guardian for their support in announcing the event and promoting the aims of this group. Click here to read more 

Oct 242011

                                              Important reminder

  The first major Skate Loughton event will be held in Roding Valley High school playground between 11am and 4pm. 

Next Friday 

 Friday    28/10/2011

As most of you will be aware this is a very important day for the Skate Loughton project and we are really looking forward to this day being declared a major success. For those of you that have attended the meetings so far you will be aware of how much time and effort has been put into this project by you, us and the town council so far. This is where it all comes together and the town as a whole town will be able to see that you are now a legitimate group worthy of the support we are going to need and will be asking for.

We need support from everyone now and this is where we start. Get your friends and parents if you can to come along at some point in the day to show their support. The town council has hired some ramps for you all to use. We will use this event to start raising some money towards our goal so make sure that everyone knows this is a fund raising event.

It is important that we get as many people as we can to show an interest in this event on Friday so please do you best to      encourage support

As you can see above we now have our official logo. We also now have our new website under development and you can watch it develop here at

This website will grow and develop along with the group so please keep visiting it and keep up to date with any news, views and events that we are planning.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this project or indeed any ideas that we can all use to help this project move forward then please send them to either the website or by replying to this

Aug 172011

Elected Skate Loughton Task Group held their first meeting.


Having elected the first six committee members at the last Skate Loughton open forum meeting the small group met today to progress the action of the group.

The first task set was for the relevant committee members to set up the group bank accounts. This has been done and we are now ready to receive donations towards this important project

The committee has continued with its preparations for the launch of skate Loughton at Roding Valley High school during the October half term

Members of the committee also gave a presentation to Loughton Town Council members on September 22 about the plans of the group. There were adult and youth representatives present and it was a very successful meeting. It was also interesting to see just how our town council works and how they deal with these issues.

The Loughton Town Councillors who were present at the meeting we attended have recognised the frustrations of the group in obtaining  park location and have indicated a willingness to support Skate Loughton  with its goal of obtaining a comprehensive and usable skate park that will also be able to be used by bikes and scooters.

Remember we can only do this with your support