Our Aims


 ‘Skate Loughton’ is an open-membership working group of skaters, bmx riders, scooter riders and people of all ages and back grounds who have an interest in seeing a multi-purpose riding park built in Loughton.

Following previously unsuccessful efforts to progress the local authority-backed initiative Skate Loughton has been constituted to pull together all local stakeholders and potential users and press forward with action.

Skate Loughton has been encouraged by the local authority identification of a potential build site off Oakwood Hill in between Loughton and Debden.  Having had two previous site proposals withdrawn, Skate Loughton seeks to lobby and impress on local politicians and stakeholders that this does not happen for a third time.

Skate Loughton is an inclusive group that encourages membership, support and input from everyone who is committed to seeing a local park built and becoming involved in the fund-raising and building process.

Skate Loughton has an elected task group to further our common aims:

Chairman: Paul Morris

Secretary: Kit  Rickman

Treasurer: David Knowles

Press Officer:Paul Morris

Welfare Officer: Nick Robinson

Other committee:  Jamie Morris

At this time, fund-raising and political lobbying are our two key objectives. We welcome the support of individuals, local entities and corporations to our membership.